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Deschutes Fishing Guides

Deschutes Fishing Guides offer a 3 day 2 nights and a 4 day 3 nights camping trip, fly fishing for Native Rainbow Trout on the Upper Section of the Deschutes River. This drift trip is approximately 35 miles long starting at Trout Creek 20 miles from Madras, Oregon and ending just above Maupin, Oregon.

The Lower Deschutes Steelhead Guided trips are offered in one and multiple day fishing adventures for the Deschutes Summer Steelhead, which are nicked named “freight trains.” On our overnight trips we set a base camp approximately 9 miles up river. From this camp we can move up stream or down to fish, depending on where the fish are concentrated

If trout fishing, the Deschutes is a blue ribbon trout stream. There is a two fish slot limit. Fish must be between 10 and 13 inches to be kept, the idea is to let the larger fish reproduce and create a trophy trout stream. In the 30 years we have been fishing the Deschutes we have seen big changes in the numbers and size of the trout.

We float the Deschutes in McKenzie River drift boats and use a large raft to haul our camp. The cargo raft goes out ahead to prepare our camp and have everything ready when we arrive in the evening.

Now if your interested in a ride of a lifetime, the Deschutes River steelhead are well know for being great fly biters. For our fly fishers we start our day early, taking advantage of the morning shade. We lure fish or rest in the mid-day, then return to the river in the late afternoon. We will fish the afternoon shade right up till dark. We fish the greased line technique, casting down stream at a 45 degree angle mend up stream, hang on and let the fly swing into shore. “In my opinion there is nothing like catching one of these spectacular fish on a fly.”

Please call us with any questions. We love to talk about our Deschutes Fishing trips and will answer any and all questions you may have.

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Deschutes River Guides


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