August Deschutes Steelhead Trips

Deschutes river steelhead are world renowned fly biters. Our Deschutes river guided steelhead trips are offered as one or multi day steelhead fishing adventure.

One-day trips:
we meet early at daylight at Heritage landing ready to fish. We will travel up river in a 24-foot jet sled making many stops along the way to fish. The Deschutes is one of a very few Oregon rivers where fishing from a floating device is not allowed. Fishing is only half the fun the trip up river is as scenically rewarding as it is exhilarating racing up thru class 2 and 3 white water. Our day trip begins at daylight and end at 3pm back at Heritage landing where we began.

Multi day trips:
Deschutes river steelhead are world renounced for being great fly biters. If your goal is to target steelhead on a fly I recommend a multi day trip. These trips simply give the angler more time fishing the prime-time shade hours. The multi day trips are offered as 1,2 or 3-night trips, all these trips begin at Heritage landing at 2pm and return to Heritage at 11am again maximizing shade opportunity. We will travel up river in a 24-foot jet sled to our base camp, from camp we will travel up and down river taking advantage of shade and targeting the best fishing opportunities. In August anglers will have about 4 hours of prime shade in each morning and evening fishing session. Shade is a key factor in catching a steelhead on a swung dry line and that is the ultimate in steelhead fly fishing. After the morning session of fishing we will return to camp for breakfast about 10am. After breakfast anglers can relax enjoy camp and the scenic beauty the Deschutes canyon has to offer or put the sink tips on and go fishing. Dinner is served at 4:30 we will have shade and be fishing by 5 anglers will fish till dark returning to camp for a snack and a great night’s rest. We wake up early to coffee, fruit and pastries. Our goal is to be fishing at first light.




We are a second generation Deschutes River Fishing Outfitter. We offer trips throughout Oregon and have outfitted Deschutes fishing trips since 1966. We guide on the Deschutes from May-Aug and one thing that makes us unique on the Deschutes River we don’t stop there. From the Deschutes we head to other rivers in Oregon.  Many of the outfitters today do this part time or when their other full time job will allow, we are proud to be one of the last owner operated, FULL TIME Outfitter on the Deschutes River.

We hope to see you soon on one or both of these trips of a lifetime.
Your Hosts: Craig & Tina Hughson