Fly Rods and Gear List

Fly Rods and Gear List

Most Deschutes fly anglers fish spay rods. I recommend a 6 or 7 wt. rod. There are many opportunities for single hand rods as well and I recommend a 7 or 8wt for the single hand angler.

All anglers will want a good reel with a good smooth drag.

Leaders and Tippets:
For the single hand rods I like a 12-foot tapered leader with a 10lb tip. I recommend fluorocarbon tippets 8, 10 and 12lb test tippets. Anglers will also want a variety of loop on sink tips for both spay and single hand.

I have a few personal favorites and always have plenty to share. Most all hair wing flies work. Sizes 4, 6, and 8. I like white wings and dark bodies purples and black. In the sun I like a larger tube fly same darker colors but also some orange, yellow and light blues.

Itinerary For Deschutes Steelhead Trips

On all one day fly fishing trips we meet at 2:00pm at Heritage landing at the mouth of the Deschutes.  A 24’ jet boat will be our transportation up river 8 mile to our camp.  We set a base camp and will fish up and down stream from our camp.  Fly anglers will concentrate their efforts on morning and evening shade.

When we arrive at camp we will put our fly rods together and talk about the evening fishing.  We will have dinner at 4:30pm and be in the water by 5pm, then fish until dark 9:30pm, and then we will return to camp for a snack.

Wake up at 4am.  We’ll have coffee, juice, fruit, cereal, and pastries, our goal is to have you in the water by 5am.  We will fish until 10am, then return to camp for breakfast, after breakfast we’ll load the boat and be back at Heritage landing by 12:00pm.

I believe this itinerary for a day trip or mulit-day trip maximizes the fly anglers fishing opportunities.  You will fish all shade and from camp you’ll be the first one in the water in the morning and the last one out.

    1. Here is a link to a copy of our trip release waiver.  Please take the time to read the waiver.  Sign, date and either fax or mail back to us.  All guests must sign the waiver prior to trip start date.   Craig will have extras on hand in.
    2. Pack your luggage as directed on the attached. Your luggage will be repacked into waterproof bags so please follow directions.  Excess luggage will be left behind!
    3. Pack your fishing gear in a separate small boat bag, include fishing gear, wind breaker, rain gear, sun screen, all things you will need during the day.
    4. I will provide some flies and lures however, we do recommend you bring your own fly rod, and reel.

Arrive at Heritage Landing at 2:00pm at the mouth of the Deschutes.  At this time we will aboard a 24ft jet boat and will run up river 8 miles to our camp.  After dropping off excess gear we will begin fishing.